Lightning Speed Internet On The Samsung Omnia 7

One prerequisite with today’s mobile phones is lighting speed internet capabilities. This is exactly what the Samsung Omnia 7 has to offer its users. You will never be disappointed when it comes to downloading, uploading, email, streaming, IMs, browsing, and more.

These days, we do so many things on our mobile phones. One of these is frequenting the World Wide Web. We shop, browse, email, chat, stream, download, upload, and search on our phones. The problem with this is that there are models that give you disappointing internet capabilities. What good is this feature if you cannot make full use of it? This can be frustrating especially if you need to go online and there is no computer with internet access in sight.

The Omnia will never give you this problem. The phone offers nothing but lightning speed internet. It offers its users upload speeds of up to 5.76 mbps and download speeds of up to 7.2 mbps. This is much faster compared to other phone models from the competition. You are sure to get the best out of the web with this touch screen mobile phone.

This much speed simply means that you enjoy the internet on a mobile phone even more. One of the things that you will enjoy more is video streaming. Countless people stream videos off the web countless times a day. With the Omnia, you get to do this even more. Feel free to stream your favorite videos on sites such as YouTube. Immerse in all the entertainment and information offered by these video streaming websites.

More and more people are downloading multimedia and other files directly on their phones. They download anything from tracks to videos and from games to apps. With the Samsung Omnia 7, this is as simple as pie. You can download any file you choose in the least possible time. Furthermore, the phone comes with more than enough storage for these files.

We all love social networks. One of the things we do a lot on these networks is upload images and videos. With this touch screen mobile phone, this will be a breeze. With this much upload speed, you can easily upload images and videos just as soon as you are done capturing or recording. Feel free to let your friends in on your funny, memorable, and lasting moments. They will immediately see these on your profile as soon as you post.

This is lightning speed internet on the Samsung Omnia 7.

Where to Shop for Obama Shirts in 2012?

Where to shop for Obama shirts?

The first and the most logical way is to buy gear from official Obama website. While the merchandise is a little pricey, at least you can be sure that all the proceeds go to the cause. Another added benefit of shopping at official website is that all the merchandise is made in the USA. In my opinion it’s always great to support US economy when you can.

Where else could you look for Obama shirts?

A good way to start your search is on Pinterest. This visually abundant website always has something good for beauty lovers. While Pinterest is not an online store itself, it’s a very convenient way to shop around for Obama shirt. The higher is the image on a browsing page, the more people love it/talk about it. Which means that the shirt is socially approved. Power to the people!

Do you remember the most popular Obama shirt during the previous election?

Obama HOPE shirts by Shepard Fairey. Multiple celebrities were spotted wearing this hope shirt. Practically everyone was wearing those Obama shirts. People behind it also created something called Obey clothing. Which is unfortunately not worth checking out right now in search of next Obama gem because the lightning doesn’t hit twice in the same spot. Thus it’s unlikely that Obey brand will come up with a next big thing again.

What to do if you are looking for the best Obama shirt out there?

And if you are one of those fashionistas who is always looking for the next thing: new idea, new Obama image, new pattern, new look, then you need to keep shopping. Pinterest has already given you an idea of what’s out there, so now you can go ahead to eBay and Amazon to see what they have to offer. These sites are OK and they definitely have a lot of shirts to choose from, but it’s hard to come across ones that will blow your mind.

Where you should NOT shop for Obama shirts?

The answer to this is simple – don’t go to some t-shirt and “make your own shirt” type of website. I don’t even want to mention the names of those websites because they are a disgrace. When you open “Obama shirts” category on those sites you can see Obama and Anti-Obama (Nobama) shirts right next to each other. These websites don’t give a damn because they don’t have any integrity.

Plus one might think that their Obama shirts are made out of gold because they are extremely expensive. The reason for their shirts not being cheap or at least affordable is because they have spent tons of money on advertising trying to find buyers for the Obama and anti-Obama t-shirts. But people are not stupid. No one sane is going to buy from a company who could care less about what or who they sell.

So where should you shop for your 2012 Obama shirt?

Well, use your common sense while shopping this fall. You probably agree, that it’s kinda important that a store has some dignity. Even better if they somehow contribute towards Obama’s campaign.

For example, here at Obama Store, we donate 15% of all the proceeds towards our president’s re-election. We hope to donate even more in the future.

Make sure that when you buy your shirt, you contribute towards US economy. The artwork we use on our shirts is also printed in the United States near Seattle, WA.

That’s about it. Good luck with your shopping. Look in style. And let’s HOPE 4 MORE!

Protect Your Business From Lightning Strikes With Business Insurance

Big black clouds could be looming over the future of your business. But the dangers will not necessarily come from an unpredictable and gloomy future, but could at anytime come from those dark cumulonimbus thunder clouds that regularly appear in the skies above us.

More to the point the biggest threat to business property is the danger that lies within those storm clouds. Lightning!

Lightning is a visible electric discharge between clouds or clouds and objects on the ground.

Material damage may occur to business property from the high power travelling to earth through a structure, and the release of energy being such that it causes extensive damage to the structure which in some cases leads to the buildings collapse.

A bolt of lightning can strike a building in an all round circle of as much as ten miles beyond the edge of a thunderstorm and anywhere below the mass of turbulent air. Buildings and commercial property can be struck by a bolt from the blue hours before a slow-moving storm reaches the premises.

According to the Office of National Statistics around 1500 properties in the UK are hit by lightning each year of which around a half are commercial properties. The incidence of lightning strikes against commercial property being so high, is due to the fact that blocks of flats and large industrial buildings and towers, have a higher propensity to be struck by a bolt, literally!

Lightning Risk Management

Regardless of any business insurance cover that may be in place, all businesses and enterprises should take the necessary steps to minimise any damage or loss that could be caused by lightning or may occur as a result of a lightning strike.

All commercial buildings should be protected by a lightning conductor system.

The purpose of the installation is to direct the current discharged from the bolt safely to earth thereby protecting the building’s structure and its occupants from the worst effects of the lightning strike.

Burning damage may occur, often within the electrical wiring of a premises, which can lead to a general fire and ignite stock or office equipment. Depending upon what is being stored on the business premises, in particular if hazardous materials are involved, the risk from fire may be greater. For example a hardware shop, a chemical plant or a paper warehouse.

Electrical equipment is particularly at risk from power surges and it is not just office business equipment that is at risk. There has been a spate of recent incidents of lightning inducing high voltages and currents in computer installations and Internet server farms.

Fires arising from lightning strikes and the risks of subsequent losses can be minimised by ensuring that the lightning protection system is always in good working order and all alarms function correctly.

The continuity of the conductors is imperative for functionality and can be broken during building repairs or ground excavations.

If lightning conductors are disturbed by building works they should be repaired straight away.

It is also important for a small business to implement a regular servicing and testing regime and most insurance polices will insist upon this for the cover to be effective.

If you live in an area where the frequency of storms and lightning damage is higher, listening to long range weather forecasts can help a business prepare for storms and give a company time to take necessary steps to protect the business property.

Business Insurance

Nearly all business insurance policies designed to cover commercial property will have a provision for lightning material damage loss and consequential business interruption under the basic perils risk coverage.

The risk of lightning is covered under perils in either the buildings or contents section of a commercial property insurance policy. it is available to property owners, lease-holders or tenants to cover their contents against such loss.