How Can the Golfer Protect Himself Against Lightning?

If you play golf regularly in Florida you will probably become quite experienced with coping with a hazards of lightning. Statistically more golfers are injured by lightning strikes in Florida than in any other state. But that’s not to say that lightning is not an issue anywhere; in fact just about anywhere golfers, as well as anyone who spends time outdoors, have to be aware of the dangers of lightning strikes.

Back in the days when I used to coach a lot of kids sports, we had a common rule that as soon as you saw any lightning in the area, practice was over. And the same principles should be true for anyone who golf’s. There have been many instances where lightning has struck with little or no warning, so when we do get those warning signs like thunder in the area or lightning in the distance, we should heed them promptly and take cover.

Perhaps the best-known lightning strike on a golf course in history came in 1975 at the Western open, when Lee Trevino, a PGA golfer who at the time was at the top of his game, seemingly out of nowhere was hit by a lightning strike, along with two other golfers. From that strike he sustained spinal injuries which hampered him the remainder of his playing career. The point is, getting struck by lightning, even if it’s not with a full bolt (which would likely kill you) will probably change your life forever. It is certainly not worth the risk of playing a couple extra holes and tempting fate.

Before a golfer goes out onto the course he should check in the pro shop to see if there is an impending lightning situation. They should be able to pull up on a screen with any weather conditions in the area. At that point at least you’re informed if you should be on the lookout for lightning. But when you’re on the course it’s pretty much up to you and the decisions you’ll make as to whether it’s wise to continue playing or find immediate shelter. Even if you think that the golf course management should take some responsibility in your safety, you have to believe your health is only dependent on upon your decision-making.

Once you’re out on the course and you decided that you are in some trouble, you should make your decisions quickly and decisively. Sticking an umbrella in the air is definitely asking for trouble; never do it. Finding shelter anywhere you can until the storm has completely passed is your best move. And as far as wearing protective shoes that will insulate you from the ground: forget about it. To protect you from a full lightning strike would require rubberized shoes several inches thick, so don’t let shoes give you a false sense of security. Make your decisions early, and realize just how devastating a lightning strike can be.

Shopping Checklist for Halloween

Halloween gives you one day to have as much fun as you want. You surely don’t want to commit any sort of mistake and miss any opportunity to enjoy yourself. Hence, it is better that you prepare in for the day in advance. Shopping is the crucial aspect of the preparation of an event like Halloween. The article talks about some of the important things that you need to buy way before the day actually arrives, in order to avoid any sort of haphazard in the last moment. Following is the checklist for the day. Make sure that you get them on time.

1. Halloween costume
It’s a very busy month for the retailer and before you realize the costumes will go out of stock. So, get your outfit for the party. You can get it tailored in time if it needs any alteration. Experiment with the costume and makeup. Make sure that you buy the dress for the kids as early as possible. Try them on and make necessary changes in case it is not comfortable. Same goes with the Halloween cat costume of your feline. Get a dress that fits in properly. This will give the kitty a very spooky look. Moreover, it is cozy and cute.

2. Candies
Get few packets of Halloween candies for your guests. This is the simplest way to share the spirit of the day. Buy some candies with the spooky faces on them. Pack them in small gift wrappers. It will surely bring a smile on the face of your guests. Go knocking on doors and distribute dry fruits covered with chocolates.

3. Decorative items
Decorating the house is the most time-consuming work of the day. So, get the things that you need to decorate the place now. Get the pumpkins and crave all the scary faces on it. Artificial spider along with spider web, skeletons and lightning are some of the things that you can’t afford to miss. For the lightning purpose, you can use the Jack-o-Lantern.

4. Movie and music
Buy the CD of spooky songs. You can even download them if you want. Get a collection of some scary music. This will set the mood of the day. Watch some Halloween movie with your friends. Nothing can be more fun than this. If possible get some scary book and read the Halloween stories.

5. Game essentials
If you have kids at home, then, plan some games for them and their friends. You can organize some drawing competition for them. Get sufficient papers and colors. Ask them to draw some scary characters on the paper. Or else you can even ask them to make a Halloween card. Keep a stock of materials that they will probably require.

Prepare well and get the things before they go out of stock. A bit of arrangement can make the day even more pleasurable for you and your family. Keep sufficient stock of paints that you will require for the decoration of the house.

Mulhouse Top Attractions, Nightlife, Shopping, Accommodation and Travel Information

This city is located in Eastern side of France. It is close to Swiss and German borders. Mulhouse is a beautiful city and world famous for museums. It is located on the two rivers that are – III and Doller. It is wonderful place and well-developed industrial area. The city is a birthplace of various artists.

Mulhouse By Eurostar

If you are planning to visit this beautiful city then the best way to reach there is Eurostar trains. Eurostar is a best option to have a comfortable journey towards your destination. And the best option is that you can get concessions on booking of online tickets and hotels.

Take your Eurostar train from St Pancras International station to Paris and then change your train from Paris to Mulhouse. It will take very short time to reach this beautiful location.

Top Attractions

Mulhouse is a very attractive place. There are many wonderful locations to visit. Fantastic museums and natural parks, innovative sites make this city a tourist destination. Some places of attraction are: –

  • Musee de I’Automobile:- It is in Avenue de Colmar, Mulhouse. It is a beautiful place where there is a large collection of automobiles. There are many royal branded cars like Mercedes, Ferrari, rolls-Royce etc
  • Musee EDF Electropolis: – It is an electropolis museum. It is a beautiful place to see new inventions and innovative things. It is situated in 55 Rue de Paturage, Mulhouse.
  • Musee du Sapeur- Pompier de: – it is located in rue Alfred de Glehn. Here in this museum there is a world-class range of engines and batteries and ancient collection.
  • Laser Game Evolution: – It is situated in Avenue R Schuman. It is an adventurous place to visit.
  • Aktours: – It is a beautiful historical place in the city. It is situated in 81 rue Vosges,IIIzach.
  • Bioscope: – It is fantastic science place. It is a innovative site to see. It is located in Le Bioscope, Ungersheim.
  • Zoo de Mulhouse: – It is a natural attraction and a botanical park. There are beautiful kinds of Flora and Fauna for the visitors.


Eurostar deals with your hotel booking also. You can book your hotel along with your ticket and Eurostar provides you concession on your bookings.

  • Kyriad Mulhouse Centre
  • Best western Hotel De La Bourse
  • Bristol Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Mulhouse
  • Kyriad Mulhouse Lutterbach
  • Etap Mulhouse Dornach
  • Hotel du Parc
  • B&B Mulhouse Centre
  • Hotel Du Musee-Gare
  • Le Strasbourg


It is best place to enjoy a hot and happening night life. You can enjoy several drinks and foods. Lightning discos, stunning bars and pubs are the places for night parties.

  • Les 2 Colonnes
  • Jet 7 Bar
  • Frutti
  • Dolce- Club
  • Sarl Jet Lag
  • Le Greffier
  • Disquetuveux disco
  • L’Occase de l’Oncle Tom
  • Disques Tu Veux


Shopping places are an active part of the city. You can see large crowd in shopping streets, malls and other shopping centers. There are many popular shops and centers for fashionable shopping. You can enjoy a budgeted shopping here. Some shopping destinations are: –

  • Lacation & Vassal
  • Espace Foot
  • Petit Bateau
  • Fnac Mulhouse
  • Saturn Mulhouse
  • Balimoon Deko Shop