Shop Till You Drop In London’s Top Shopping Destinations

No matter in which corner of the world you go, no trip is incomplete without shopping, especially if the place is London. London – Known throughout the world and one of the best shopping cities in Europe. Irrespective of what you are looking for whether it is a home décor, lightning, clothes, fashion accessories, baby clothes, home décor or gifts the markets of this beautiful place are unlike any of it that you find anywhere else across the globe. When it comes to shopping London is the place that you are spoiled for the choices.

London – A Fashion Portfolio – Fancy Meeting You Here

An ankle strap sandals here, a shoulder bag there; London has got some of the best fashion mixes with both sophistication and seduction. We have categorized accordingly so that you can find the type of store you are looking out for shopping in London. So, here you go… Happy Shopping!!!


The shop doesn’t need any introduction; it is Britain’s popular store and possibly the most famous store in the world. For many tourists, the store features to be on the “must-see-lists”. It came into being in the year 1849 and since there was no looking back. The store boasts the phenomenal range of items from cooking pans to perfumes to cosmetics to apparels to pianos. The summer and winter sales are the major calendar events of the store, however both the sales events are found crowded but there are some great discount deals found here. In addition, the store serves some of the exotic, mouth-watering restaurants.

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason is believed to be one of the famous and oldest stores situated in Piccadilly. After three hundred years of trading, this remarkable departmental store offers some of the best products that are quite appealing to the modern day’s shopper. The store is a must see thing for anyone who is visiting London. The place is also an excellent one stop solution if you are finding to gift somebody. All the luxuries and delicacies here come so artistically wrapped that you don’t feel like opening.


The fantasy world is another name for this store especially the 7th floor. With more than 50,000 toys the 7th floor of this store is heaven for the kids. Stepping into the store, you are welcomed by the colorful scenery of the frantic activities. Model planes circle on your head, some miniature rail runs under the escalators; Hamley’s is famed as one of the best and biggest of its kind across Europe. The store is the leading toy store for more than 230 years. From warriors to virtual high-end games there is something for every kid available in every price range. The kids and adults swarm around the store, their eyes shining with excitement the experience alone is worth visiting.

Harvey Nichols

You could name this store as the fashionable cousin of “Harrods”, the store started with the simple store trading in day-to-day items which went on to become a huge hit. This is a classy retail store packed with food items, designer clothes, home décor items, shoe brands, toys, and cosmetics etc. The store practically gives you everything anything that your heart desires.

To add beauty to this exquisite place, there are some of the best fearfully styled restaurants and bars. Especially on the 5th floor there is a Café that offers a spectacular view of the West London.


A store that is home to artistically crafted cutting-edge designs in the home decor segment. Established in 1800, Heal’s is famous for offering attractive contemporary furniture pieces, exquisitely designed home decor items and stylish kitchenware. The store’s trademark has remained synonyms with amazing home furnishing options describing best craftsmanship and designs. The store also deals in bed, linen, rugs, carpets, and other home accessories. The quality of course comes with a price tag, but the home decor pieces are worth paying.

Marks & Spencer Store

The enduring store business started way back in 1894 in a small shop in Manchester, but now it tells the different story. Marks and Spencer proudly boast over more than 400 stores in the UK and 500 stores world-wide. It is one of the London’s reliable and trusted brands over the years when it comes to house-hold goods, lingerie, clothing, food products etc. Furthermore, the store also continues to sell beauty products and toys. It carries a fine British shopping tradition.

The shopping places list doesn’t end here, the above mentioned are the best shopping places of the London that gives you an out of the world shopping experience. In addition, other places such as Liberty of London, Top Shop, The Apple Store, and Self ridges conclude to give its travelers an amazing shop till you drop experience.

With a trip to one of the top shops/malls, from popular grand food halls to famous department stores these are some of the best and biggest shops of London. Shop here and discover what makes styles of London so special.

Lightning Speed Internet On The Google Nexus S And The HTC Desire HD

These days, most people use their phone to log on to the internet. They do anything from browsing, chatting, emailing, shopping, and bill payments on their phones. With the Google Nexus S and the HTC Desire HD, you get to enjoy the internet even more.

In the past, we had problems using our phones to enjoy more from the internet. There were difficulties with webpage loading, graphics, text, images, and videos. At times, it took ages before these things loaded on your phone’s browser. There were times when the pages failed to load at all. The reason behind this is compatibility. Mobile browsers of the not so distant past did not come fully integrated with flash and HTML5 support. With the phones mentioned above, you will never experience these problems.

One of the reasons why you will never experience these problems is the mobile operating system these phones come with. They come with the latest Android operating system. This operating system was developed by the web giant Google. This is why you are sure to enjoy nothing but fast internet on these touch screen phones.

With a 3G network, the Google Nexus S will make you enjoy 7.2 mbps of download speeds and 5.76 mbps of upload speeds. The HTC Desire HD offers 14.4 mbps of download speeds and 5.76 mbps of upload speeds. With this much speed, you are sure to enjoy more from the internet wherever you may be. You never have to wait till you get home to enjoy more from the internet.

The phones also come with Wi-Fi capabilities. This means that you can make use of your home’s or office’s wireless network. In addition, you can make use of various hotspots found all throughout your city. This will give you yet another way to connect to the internet.

The Google Nexus S and the HTC Desire HD comes with innovative mobile operating systems that will make you enjoy the World Wide Web even more. They both come with the latest Android mobile platform developed by Google. With this operating system, you are sure that web pages will load faster and apps are more compatible. You will never experience issues over the internet.

When it comes to the internet, these two phones have much more to offer. You will never experience the technical issues you once did on past models and compatibility will never be an issue. This is lightning speed internet on the Google Nexus S and The HTC Desire HD.

Disney Lightning McQueen Toys for Kids

In this day and age, it’s rare for a toy to exhibit any kind of staying power. That’s mostly because kids’ tastes change very quickly, and they move from one product to the next within a few months. As a parent, you’re probably already familiar with the way there’s a new “hot” Christmas toy every single year. Tickle Me Elmo, Guitar Hero, and Zhu Zhu Pets are just a few products that have been impossible to purchase in November or December in recent years, but now are languishing on the shelves waiting to be noticed again. That’s just one of the reasons I’m always surprised to see Lightning McQueen toys selling well after all these years.

Lightning McQueen toys are fashioned after the main character in the 2006 Disney-Pixar movie “Cars.” The film was a major box office success, as most Disney-Pixar collaborations are, and went on to gross hundreds of millions of dollars from ticket sales around the world. But an even bigger and longer lasting revenue stream is provided by the countless Lightning McQueen toys that have proven to be highly popular with kids everywhere. Toy promotion and movie merchandising are hardly new concepts, but again, few products or brands have this type of staying power.

One of the reason Lightning McQueen toys are so popular has to be because of the sheer variety available. In addition to the toy cars that you’d expect to sell well, the character appears on items such as balls, baseball bats and gloves, kick scooters, walkie-talkies, bicycles, bicycle helmets, night lights, backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, sleeping bags, and bedding. Seriously, Lightning McQueen toys can invade every facet of a child’s life, so if a youngster decides he or she likes the character, there’s practically no end to the number of products Mom and Dad can buy.

Speaking of buying, where can you get Lightning McQueen toys? As you might imagine, the answer is “just about anywhere.” The toy store at the mall will probably have a big selection, and if you don’t find what you need there, all you have to do is jump online and start looking at the usual suspects such as eBay and Craigslist. If there’s a specific toy that your child wants, all you have to do is search Google for the product name, and you’ll find hundreds of websites that are currently selling that item.

Parenting is usually a tough job, but sometimes you catch a break and things get a bit easier. If your child loves the movie “Cars”, then shopping for birthdays and Christmas is a breeze. All you have to do is buy a few different Lightning McQueen toys and your kids will be over the moon with excitement!