Shop Decor Sways Decision Making Process

Some say that the price of products is the most important decision-altering factor in sales. Some say that the packaging and branding sways the decision more. Others think that it can swing either way. Well, it all boils down to a relationship.

It is not too far-fetched to say that most people base their decision to buy something repeatedly from the same shop on the relationship they have formed or the way they feel whenever they are in the shop. Human beings are fickle-minded animals and we are emotion-based spirits. Therefore, many a time, you will find customers going to the same shop to buy stuff because they just feel comfortable in the shop. For us, in the marketing and promotions industry, that has a lot to do with the shop decor.

With the shop decor, you can make the buyer feel comfortable being there. Without the clutter or mismatched shop decor, even if they don’t buy stuff from your store the first time they come to your store, the shop decor will leave a lasting impression which may bring them back some time in the future.

With nicely built and artfully placed shelves may make the potential customer feel like you are genuine and have put more than just a little thought into making the shop an amiable one. With that alone, you are winning points with the customers. Warmth can also be achieved with properly, thoughtfully placed shelves, stunning lightning effects and beautiful retail outlet.

Don’t believe me? Just close your eyes and see in your mind’s eye the perfect shop, a retail outlet that you could spend hours in. Clear your mind and now, imagine four blank walls, poor fluorescent lighting, ugly shelves, dented furniture and this shop sells the exact same thing as the first shop, the only difference being the shop decor.

I am pretty sure, for the exact same price, we are more inclined to buy from the first shop, don’t you think?